Benefits Of The Clean Tahoe Program

The Clean Tahoe Program’s mission is to improve the visual environment in South Lake Tahoe through proper litter and trash management and public education. The Program has two full-time field crew members who serve as Clean Tahoe’s front-line troops who remove litter and illegally dumped items from the public easements along our heavily traveled roads. We also respond to community complaints regarding animal access to trash and bulk items (appliances, mattresses, furniture, etc.) in public view and we provide much needed education to properties in violation of litter and trash ordinances.

clean tahoe trash and litter removal

In our 2016-2017 fiscal year, Clean Tahoe picked up 484 CUBIC yards of trash, including:

  • 63 mattresses
  • 86 pieces of furniture
  • 97 TVs/computer monitors
  • 49 appliances & refrigerators

In addition, we cleaned and distributed violation notices for 493 incidents where animals had accessed trash and scattered it, responded to 189 illegal dumping incidents, cleaned 32 abandoned homeless camps, and assisted 119 residents with transporting items to South Tahoe Refuse.



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