Couches, Mattresses, Bear Messes Oh My!

At Clean Tahoe, our fiscal year ended on September 30th and the amount of trash and illegally dumped items we picked up throughout the year was staggering. Here’s the rundown:

We picked up a total of 603 yards of litter and debris. That’s more than six football fields of trash!  Imagine what our streets and neighborhoods would look like with all that trash left there.

In addition to general roadside litter, our field crew responded to 153 illegal dumping incidents and picked up:

  • 112 pieces of large furniture
  • 131 pieces of small furniture
  • 121 mattresses
  • 256 tvs/computer monitors
  • 36 tires
  • 24 appliances

In addition, cleaning up the messes left when bears and other animals get into garbage took up the majority of our field crew’s time during the summer and fall.  We cleaned and issued Courtesy Notices for 265 animal-in-trash incidents, and issued Warning Notices to more than 200 additional animal-in-trash incidents.

As always, our field crew deserves a huge thank-you!  They do a difficult job day in and day out, and are efficient and hard-working. Great work, Jeff and Lou!

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