The Clean Tahoe Program Mission

The Clean Tahoe Program is a community based non-profit organization dedicated to improving the visual environment of the South Shore of the Lake Tahoe Basin through proper litter and trash management and public education.

We envision a community that is litter-free, with residents that are engaged in maintaining the beauty of the natural environment and ensuring wildlife doesn’t have access to household garbage.

aboutClean Tahoe Programs’s mission is accomplished through a variety of activities, including the removal of litter from roadways and neighborhoods and the maintenance of trash and recycling containers at bus stops serving major thoroughfares in both the City and County. We also provide community education on proper trash management, facilitation of citizen involvement in ongoing litter-reduction projects and special events, Clean Tahoe Program refers repeat offenders to the appropriate jurisdictions for enforcement of their respective litter and nuisance ordinances.

Overall, in its daily activities, Clean Tahoe Program addresses many important litter issues not specifically covered by other governing agencies in the Lake Tahoe Basin and works in close cooperation with them to achieve positive solutions. Clean Tahoe is overseen by a seven member board comprised of City, County and Community representatives, which continues to give direction to the Program’s community-service goals and commitments.

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